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ஆவாரம் பூ Aavaram Poo

ஆவாரம் பூ  Aavaram Poo
ஆவாரம் பூ Aavaram Poo

Botanical Name : Cassia Auriculate

English Name : Tanner's Cassia

Tamil Name : ஆவாரம்பூ / Aavaram poo

Hindi Name : तरवड़फूल / Tarwar Phool

Malayalam Name : അവരംപുഷ്പം / Avaram puspam

Telugu Name : తంగేడు పుష్ప / Tagedu pushpam

About Aavaram Poo:

Tanner's Cassia is a branched shrub, growing up to 1-1.5 m high. It has a smooth reddish-brown bark. It has many ascending branches and 8-10 cm long pinnate leaves. There are 8-12 pairs of leaflets, each 2-3 cm long. Bright yellow flowers appear in racemes at the end of branches. The flowers are 4-5 cm across. Upper three stamens are reduced to staminodes. Fruit is a 7-12 cm long, flat brown pod

Procurement & Agriculture Method:

90% of Our Herbs are Wild crops and 100% organic by nature, remaining 10% are organically grown, dried, and pulverized with no chemical or preservatives.


The Consumption details and benefits listed out in our website are taken from Tamil ancient books and Siddha records, as well as its been further fine-tuned by our Siddha Doctors Team. Any how you are requested to consult your Doctor before use.

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Internal Benefits of Aavaram poo 

Avarampoo for diabetes:

The flowers of this cassia auriculate plant have cooling and dehydrating effects. avarampoo juice is also effective for diabetic people. The properties of this plant help to reduce the sugar level in the blood effectively.

Avarampoo for Urinal issues: 

These amazing flowers leave amazing effects on bowel movements and works as the very effective, natural laxative; hence avarampoo naattu maruthuvam is so popular in villagers. The plant extract cleanses urinary system. This tea is a good source of antioxidant that is good for health. 

External Benefits of Aavaram poo

Avarampoo beauty benefits: 

The plant and flower extracts are used beauty treatments also. People use avarampoo flower for face

Avarampoo for hair:

It is used for hair care to remove dandruff

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