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சாலாமிசிரி Salamisiri / Salep Orchid Dried Root (Raw)

சாலாமிசிரி Salamisiri / Salep Orchid Dried Root (Raw)
சாலாமிசிரி Salamisiri / Salep Orchid Dried Root (Raw)

Botanical Name           : Orchis latifolia 

English Name                :   Salep orchid root

Tamil Name                   :  சாலாமிசிரி / Salamisiri
Hindi Name                    : सालमपंजा  / Salampanja, Salam

About salamisiri (Salep orchid):-

Perennial herb, up to 60 to 70 cm in height;palmately lobed, Fleshy, tuberous divided root tubers;leaves many, erect, oblong broadly lanceolate arranged more or less along the stem;Flower: dull purple in spikes.

Benefits of salamisiri (Salep orchid):-

  • Salamisiri has been used as a diet of special value for children and convalescents, being boiled with water, flavored and prepared in the same way as arrowroot.
  • Rich in mucilage, it forms a soothing and demulcent jelly that is used in the treatment of irritations of the gastro-intestinal canal.
  • Orchis ascula is an aphrodisiac. It provokes lust exceedingly.
  • Improves Libido, Increases Ejaculation Time and Enhances sexual performance
  • Also Salamisiri cures worms in children. It heals Scrofula (Scrophula or Struma) which refers to a variety of skin diseases; in particular, a form of tuberculosis, affecting the lymph nodes of the neck..
  • It is given in all forms of wasting diseases such as Phthisis, Diabetes Mellitus, chronic diarrhea and dysentery. 
  • It is also much prescribed in hemiplegic and paralytic affections following confection is used in DM and seminal weakness.
  • Salamisri (Orchis mascula), an orchid is used for a wide variety of diseases including worms in children, skin diseases; a form of tuberculosis, affecting the lymph nodes of the neck etc, besides its tremendous value in serving as a special diet.

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